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We offer total aviation services, including aircraft management, pilot services, fractional ownership programs and aircraft sales.

Meeting Room in the Sky

With our club seating, you can hold meetings with your staff before your arrival or on your way home. Seating is arranged for people to sit facing each other to work on projects en route. Work tables and air-to-ground phones are available. This is one way SKY NIGHT gives time back to you.


Full Travel Services

Full services are available, including hotel reservations, meeting room scheduling, in-flight catering, and coordination of ground transportation.


All Corporate Jet Fleet

At SKY NIGHT, we have corporate jet aircraft designed for executive transportation. We can transport as many as 13 passengers at speeds of over 550 miles per hour.


State-of-the-Art Equipped Aircraft

All of our jet aircraft are equipped with more state-of-the-art avionics and safety equipment than most major airline equipment. (Radar, Ground Prox Warning, EFIS, TCAS II)


Professionally Trained Flight Crews

Our pilots are professionally trained to the same exacting standards as airline crews, and are re certified every six months, just like commercial airline crews.


Is Using Charter Jet Equipment Cost Effective?

YES! For example, you have a business meeting for 8 eight of your staff 300 miles away from your location. You have two choices:

1. Everyone leaves the day before, arrives that evening, spends the night, attends the meeting the next day, and drives back late that night or the next day; OR

2. They leave the evening before on a commercial airline, spend the night, attend the meeting, and return home late the same night.

Either way, 8 people are going to be out of the office for 2 to 3 days each, plus hotel, meals and travel expenses.

With SKY NIGHT, your employees arrive at the home airport 2 hours before their scheduled meeting and are back home approximately 2 hours after their meeting is over. The trip with SKY NIGHT would be about 2 flying hours - much less than the costs of sending your people by automobile or commercial airline.

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